Founded on the 5th April 1997, DEEP C was initially known as Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ). Since its establishment 20 years ago, DVIZ has transformed the isolated Dinh Vu – Cat Hai peninsula to a dynamic industrial hub with over 60 investors of different nationalities including Japan, Korea, US, Singapore, etc. Today the industrial cluster has expanded from the initial 164ha to over 3000 ha of land for lease, all under the one family ‘DEEP C Industrial Zones’. Dinh Vu Industrial Zone is, therefore, now also referred to as DEEP C Haiphong I.

DEEP C/Dinh Vu’s 20 years of continuous development is testament to its commitment of bringing about a friendly investment environment, integrated with reliable and dedicated support to clients.

DeepC DVIZ jetty

Existing clients

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Petrochemical Park and Liquids Jetty

The Petrochemical Park and Liquids Jetty are distinct features of DEEP C Haiphong I. Tenants in the Petrochemical Park have the privilege of direct access to our Marine Terminal and supporting pipe rack for the purpose of handling liquid products. This unique concept differentiates DEEP C from other industrial zones, allowing its tenants to benefit from the shared use of the Liquids Jetty and reducing the initial investment on the construction of a private jetty.

Today we are delighted to have over 30 tenants in our Petrochemical Park, from various business lines including chemical storage and handling, lubricants, LPG terminals, etc. This therefore forms an Energy hub serving other tenants in the larger DEEP C Haiphong I.

This model will be duplicated in our upcoming DEEP C Haiphong III, further serving companies in the petrochemical industry.


Liquids Jetty

The liquids jetty is designed to receive vessels of 10,000 and 20,000DWT:

Jetty Design capacity Dock length Mooring depth
 A  10,000DWT  173m  -7mCD
 B  20,000DWT  193m  -9.5mCD

Clients are dedicated with space on the jetty for the installation of the manifolds, as well as on our supporting pipe rack system for the installation of pipelines to transfer products directly between the jetty and the tenant’s plant.

deepc content jetty deepc dviz pipe


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Safety and security

Apart from the regular patrol and traffic control carried out in the whole zone, the jetty area receives special attention in terms of safety and security. Engineers to oversee construction works with precaution against fire risks.

  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance at the jetty with coverage over all berths
  • Annual drills of firefighting and oil spill response
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance of auxiliary equipment and jetty structure
  • Periodic inspection of clients’ pipelines
  • Firefighting system running throughout the jetty berths, pressure of 5-7 bar and reservoir of 1,000 m3.