Our Products

Industrial Land for lease in a well-located industrial park in North Vietnam

Our Master Plan fits all types of business activities, from general industry, to petrochemical and light industries. We also offer to our clients land plots of flexible sizes depending on clients’ demand. Thus, whether you are building a large factory or a small workshop, whether you will be operating a manufacturing plant or a petrochemical terminal, we will be able to accommodate your needs:

  • Fully compensated land
  • Filled and leveled at ± 15cm according to Master Plan
  • Utilities connections are provided up to the border of the land plot.

Industrial land


Ready-built warehouse and workshop, Built-to suit solutions

deep c warehouse

For smaller projects, we also offer ready-built warehouse and workshop available in units of 1350m,2700m2, 4050m2 and 5400m2, with:

  • Reinforced concrete foundation
  • Floor loading capacity of 20 KN/m2, equivalent to 2.5 mT/m2
  • Free height: 9m
  • Standard office
  • Full range of utilities provision: power, water, waste water collection and treatment, etc. 

Sustainable and Reliable Utilities and Services


deepc power

Our power distribution system is built around the core qualities of reliability and continuity for the operation of our tenants:

  • Source: multiple sources of the national grid (220kV) and the regional grid (110kV) as back up
  • Renewable energy sources from Solar, Wind, and Waste to Energy under development
  • Capacity: 626MVA
  • Distribution: reliable underground system
  • Equipment: LS cable, ABB switchgear
  • Quality control: 3-level protection system, 24/7 monitoring, ensuring quick isolation of incidents and minimising the risk of downtime.


Water and Waste Water

Water related services are provided by our sister company - DEEP C Blue - with the backing of over 130 years of experience in supplying water utilities to the biggest petro-chemical cluster in Europe.

deepc water

  • Treated water capacity: 20,000m3/day
  • Demineralised water, steam, potable water available on demand
  • Waste water treatment: 6,500m3/day, expandable up to 24,000m3/day
  • The only industrial zone in north Vietnam having an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified waste water treatment plant
  • On-site waste water pre-treatment facilities available on demand


Fire-fighting water

deepc products fire

  • Hydrant system throughout the Zone
  • Underground loop network
  • Pressure: 5-7 bar
  • Capacity: 480m3/hour



deepc products drainage

  • Network of underground concrete pipes, open channels with flap gate, and buffer ponds




Maintenance and security

deepc products maintenance

  • 24/7 surveillance by trained security team
  • Maintenance of roads, street lighting, green zones, drainage system, etc.
  • Detailed traffic plan
  • Road safety campaigns in Petrochemical Zone
  • Public liability insurance for the common parts