Why DEEP C ?

The location of our industrial park in Vietnam.

Strategic location right next to the new deep water port & connection to South China.

DEEP C Industrial Zones are located adjacent to the new and first deep sea port of Haiphong, allowing cost efficient imports and exports for your production. Although being nearby Haiphong, Vietnams third largest city with abundant labor force, you are directly connected to the new highways to China and Hanoi, avoiding to cross the city center of Haiphong. You have easy access to the large domestic market of the Red River Delta with more than 20 million people and from the new Haiphong International Container Terminal (Lach Huyen port), you can easily reach the different consumer markets within ASEAN and you have direct connections to the consumer markets in Europe and the USA. Air cargo transportation is possible via the international airport of Haiphong and Hanoi.

deepc map location


Attractive Tax Incentives

Investors in DEEP C/DVIZ are entitled to the best tax package in Vietnam applied to Economic Zones. This tax package is provided to all investors in the Zone automatically and unconditionally.

Corporate Income Tax

From your first commercial invoice:

  • First 4 years: 100% exemption
  • Subsequent 9 years: 50% reduction


deepc tax package

 Legal ref: Decree 218/2013/ND-CP dated 26/12/2013; Circular 78/2014/TT-BTC dated 18/06/2014.


Reliable Utilities and Services

  • Redundant power system with connection to the national and regional grid with no power cuts.
  • Ongoing development of renewable energy.
  • Stable water supply of raw and treated water and an own ISO (9001 and 14001) certified waste water treatment facility operated by sister company DEEP C Blue
  • On site solutions of pre-treatment, demineralised water and steam can be foreseen upon demand.
  • Redundant network design, ensuring quick isolation of incidents and minimizing the risk of downtime.

Click here for more information on our utilities and services.


Energy hub

Investors in DEEP C benefit from easy access to energy from the suppliers in our Petrochemical Area, such as Tran Hong Quan, PVGas, Sellan Gas, Valexim, Anpha, etc. Contacts can be provided upon request.

deepc energy hub


Pre and post licensing services

  • Being more than 20 years active in Vietnam, our local and international team will assist you with your project with relevant expertise during the development and application stage
  • We are active around the globe with our representative offices
  • Once in construction and operation, our key account managers will be at your service for any question you may have


Park management

  • Maintenance of the common facilities including roads, general lightening, green areas, utility corridors, piperacks, green areas, …
  • Daily cleaning of the common areas and green zones
  • General security of the industrial park