Quang Ninh Province is a strategic investment location in northern Vietnam and part of the economic triangle in the North (Hanoi - Haiphong - Quang Ninh). It is also located in the Vietnam - China economic cooperation area with ”Two Corridors and One Belt”, inter-regional cooperation of extended Gulf of Tonkin, ASEAN-China connection point, and Nam Ninh-Singapore economic corridor. As a result, Quang Ninh posts great potentials to develop cross-border trade, sea trade, and commercial services. Quang Ninh has an abundant workforce with a young labor structure and high labor productivity. The quality of labor in recent years has also gradually improved; the trained labor has partly met the requirements of the business and the labor market. The labor demand is expected to rise significantly as more industrial parks are likely to be inaugurated in the next few years; in particular, the demand for unskilled labor is likely to rise further. Labor cost in Quang Ninh is considered to be lower compared to its peer regions, such as Bac Ninh – Bac Giang or Binh Duong – Dong Nai. With its geographical location and access to highways and seaports, close proximity to China, and the government’s push to attract FDI, Quang Ninh bodes well for investors looking to shift equipment, save costs, and expand trade with its ASEAN neighbors.