Essential functions of the position include, but are not limited to:        

1.    General duties:

The functions listed describe the business purpose of this job description. Specific duties or tasks may vary and be documented separately. Additional duties may be assigned, and functions may be modified, according to the business necessity.

·   Check in and out with time clock each working day.

·   Reporting to Engineering Manager.

·   Preparing reports and assistance as required by Engineering Dept. and higher management.

·   Prepare weekly progress and activity report and report to Engineering Manager (every Monday each week)

·   Follow-up on survey team tasks: e.g. utility drawing (underground and overhead), bench marks, site surveys, in- and outsurveys structures and assets, settlements, drawings, masterplan, boundaries, accuracy of survey data, all daily survey tasks, etc.

·   Follow-up and control on permit to work system

·   Follow-up and implementation on applicable local laws, regulations, decrees and technical specifications

·   Participate in tender evaluations for new projects

·   Management (technical issues, planning, efficient organization, supervision, etc., in order to meet the agreed deadlines in within the budget limits and according the required quality specifications) of construction projects (roads, pipe racks, channel, utilities, dredging, etc.)

·   Management of survey team

·   Organization of weekly meetings with contractors and designer/consultant and report signed minutes of meeting to Engineering Manager on a weekly basis.

·      Follow-up and approval of project documentation (quality certificates, method statement, planning, daily reports, as built drawings, minutes of meeting, etc.) and report to Engineering Manager

·      Execute intermediate and final quality inspections to approve the works

·      Follow-up and implementation of construction designs and technical specifications

·      Coordination with customers (via Marketing Dept.) regarding land handovers (boundary, placement of corner stones, elevation, etc.,) and construction works (utility connections, set back from fence, height of buildings, entrance gate, pipeline installation, etc.)

·      Identification and resolving of any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise and sets deadlines to ensure soonest completion with quality

·      Ensures all contractors, suppliers, etc. complies with regulations, ordinance, DVIZ policies and procedures

·      Follow-up and proposals for maintenance works in DVIZ.

·      Preparation and updates (min. 2 times per year) power point presentations (road works, pipeline installation, dredging, etc.) and report to Engineering Manager (with visops)

·      Preparation and immediate reporting of non-conformity reports in cooperation with QSHE engineer and updates (min. 1 time per week) to be reported to Engineering Manager and involved Party (contractor, …)

·      Coordination with DVIZ’s QSHE engineer

·      Coordination with designer/consultant of project

·      Coordination with suppliers and contractors in relation to construction, maintenance, QSHE, survey, etc. and agrees on work schedules.

·      Coordination with DVIZ Park/Jetty Operations

·      Involvement with QSHE on the site and in the whole industrial zone. Take action, report to Engineering Management and maintain DVIZ standard (regulations, procedures, policies, etc.) at all times.

·      Witness collection of test samples and quality tests (compaction test, CBR, pressure tests, sieving test, etc.,)

·      Approval on used building materials for construction works

·      Document control of soft copies and hard copies in site office of assigned projects (quality certificates, method statements, daily reports, weekly minutes of meeting, non-conformity reports, survey results, as built drawing dossier, etc.)

·      Follow-up on permits (construction permits, permits from fire fighting Department for works in petrochemical zone, etc.,) and certificates (insurance, etc.,) necessary for contractors

·      Proposals for cost and time saving alternatives during the construction works (variation orders, etc.) and for the whole industrial zone in general (inc. maintenance, …), in favor of DVIZ on the short/long term

·      Follow-up on quality of the construction works during maintenance period and report to Engineering Manager on a regular basis with updated non-conformity reports prior end of the maintenance period

·      Follow-up and proposals for maintenance and repair works in DVIZ

·      All other works as assigned by Manager of Engineering Department and higher management.

2.   Characteristics

·      Professional behavior and attitude

·      Every professional decision is made in the best interest of the company

·      Reach goals in within the deadlines and with quality

·      Have the skill to coordinate with people and work in a team

·      Be honest

·      Be able to communicate clearly

·      Be critical

·      Be eager to learn new practices and technologies

·      Take initiative and be pro-active

·      Work solution oriented