Legal officer

  • Provide legal advices relating to the company’s business, with the focus on:
    + Project investment and management;
    + Land management, compensation and site clearance;
    + Real estate business;
    + Economic contracts and Civil contracts;
    + Setting up internal procedures and regulations;
    + Other fields relating to the Company’s business.
  • Give comments on economic contracts and civil contracts and prepare contracts.
    • Provide legal advices to orient the administration/management, to minimize legal risks, and to protect legitimate benefits and prestige of the Company.
    • Work with partners and clients in legal issues;
  • Get involved in legal processes between the Company and other parties.

  • Compose and popularize the Company’s internal rules and regulations.

• Others as assigned by the Deputy General Director cum Manager of Project Development Dept.

Job Requirements

1 Qualifications: Graduated from University of Law

2 Foreign language: English proficiency

3 Computer skills: Office computer proficiency

4 Skills

  • Having legal knowledge in the field of: management, investment projects; land; contract; trading in real estate and other fields related to the business of the Company.
  • Good communication.
  • Priority: candidates from Hai Phong; having working relationships with external partners; English proficiency; Having a lawyer/lawyer practice certificate.
  1. Ability
  • Synthesize, analyze, present and write reports;
  • Access to work quickly, solve problems in the work process;
  • Dynamic, professional manner, enthusiastic, assertive;

• Withstand high work pressure.