Greenzone designer

Job description

As a green zone designer at DEEP C MANAGEMENT, DEEP C’s overall service supplier, you and your team create great landscape designs to improve DEEP C Industrial Zones. You review the existing green zone and apply your knowledge & experiences to design green zone in park area (like: utilities, centre line) and nursery. Moreover, together with the team you study on soil condition and environment to grow up various types of trees, ornament tree, grass on nursery. You will work closely with Facilities Manager and receive his supporting when needed.

  • Be part of the Park Operations Facilities team
  • Coordinate with Facilities Manager to improve green zone maintenance team (for example: introduce new machines, techniques and products)
  • Review and research about existing green area, optimize nursery and use techniques to multiply existing plants
  • Set up suitable plants and grass on utility, separations and nursery.
  • Work other tasks assigned by higher management.
  • Supervise maintenance for each area including manual mowing, mowing and watering (For both wet and dry seasons);
  • Plan and monitor the purchase of new plants, fertilizer and pesticides
  • Report to the Facilities Manager


  • Graduated from University of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • 3-year experience in similar job.
  • Speak fluently English, use computer fluently
  • Communication and organization skill. Team work spirit.

Policy & Welfare

  • Competitive salary according to your experience
  • Use of DEEP C site vehicles during execution of the work (according availability)
  • Guaranteed bonus (1,5 month)
  • Basic PVI insurance in addition to standard insurance for all employees
  • In-house training to learn about the norms and values DEEP C stands for
  • DEEP C gives you the space to be who you are and the freedom to take initiative.
  • A lot of variation, you meet a lot of employees and collaborate with various partners in multiple locations.
  • Teamwork: you are not alone. If you have problems, you can always turn to your colleagues.


  • Deep C Industrial zones - Hai phong site office



Tel No: 0902 681 222