Green zone designer and maintenance expert

Job description

1. Green zone design for DEEP C I now and DEEP C II & III later on:

  • Review current green zone;
  • Design green zone in park area: Utilities, center line;
  • Design nursery;
  • Work out kinds of suitable tree, grass on utilities and center lines;
  • Work out suitable tree, ornament tree, grass on nursery;
  • Study soil conditions and environment suitable with various types of trees

2. Green zone maintenance for DEEP C I now and DEEP C II & III later on:

  • Make plan for maintenance of trees, grass on utilities;
  • Make plan for maintenance of tree, grass on center line;
  • Make plan for maintenance of nursery;
  • Make plan for maintenance in each area including grass cutting by hand, grass cutting by tractor, watering (Attention to dry and wet seasons);
  • Make plan for purchasing new trees, fertilizers, insecticides;
  • MCS software works daily
  • Other works assigned Depts and/or BOD
  • Report to Manager In Charge


  • Graduated from University of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • 3-year experience in similar job.
  • Speak fluently English, use computer fluently
  • Communication and organization skill. Team work spirit.


You will work in an international company.

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