Infrastructure Supervisor

Job description

Implementing site tour inspection in daily for DVIZ infrastructure & Utility system such as: Roads; Fences; Storm drainage system; Firefighting System; Green Parks.

PTW – Issues, Monitoring and closed;

Execute maintenance plan & MCS - PPM Task and report in detail as:


  • FF water Jetty report
  • Pre-storm action plan
  • Reading FF water meter
  • Report for MPIZ
  • Report for illegal occupant

DEEP C I electricity:

  • Air-conditioners Maintenance


  • Check FF pump house
  • Diesel pump maintenance
  • Green zone:
  • Vegetation cutting areas review
  • Green zone flatness campaign
  • Check irrigation system


  • Worm and ant check
  • Clean & collect garbage Deep C 2


  • Firefighting system check
  • Check watching towers
  • Check drainage connection with Minh Phuong
  • Check FF valves, manholes & hydrants
  • Drainage manholes check
  • Drainage maintenance
  • Condition check open channels
  • Flap gates maintenance 

Executing Project HO from ENG Team;

Supervise corrective task work at site installations and report progress of Facilities Team;

Rising preventive task (MO) in daily;

Manage & supervising Low voltage system such as: Fire alarm; external lighting, etc;

Prepare & Creating Preventive task and corrective task works in MCS;

Identification and implementation of new preventive tasks and Maintenance object (MO);

Other jobs assigned.


  • Graduated from University of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • 3-year experience in similar job.
  • Speak fluently English, use computer fluently
  • Communication and organization skill. Team work spirit.


You will work in an international company.

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