Senior Quality & Procedure Inspector

Job description

Being a senior quality and procedure inspector at DEEP C MANAGEMENT, DEEP C’s overall service supplier, you play an important role in ensuring the service and product that the operations department of DEEP C and its subsidiaries provide are fit for purpose, consistent and meets both external and internal requirements and standards, to meet DEEP C’s quality, and are committed to improve business performance such as saving time, materials, labour and increasing productivity. You will report directly to the Park Operation Manager.

  • Conducting statistical process control, calibration, inspection plans, and inspection supervision in a professional way.
  • Have a say in the preparation of job description and the selection of any new staff for the department.
  • Have a say in the selection and adoption of new technology and/or new products.
  • Have a say in the selection and performance of suppliers, to the point of supplier visit surveys and audits.
  • Inspecting the operations at various stages gather information about performance, making reports using statistical analysis, and tracking corrective action.
  • Using relevant quality tools and making sure manager, leader and other staff understand how to improve the operations.
  • Making suggestions for changes and improvements and how to implement them
  • Monitoring performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports
  • Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures
  • Looking at ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency
  • Making sure that processes meet national or higher standards that the company accepted.
  • Working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements for external suppliers
  • Devising, coordinating with operating staff and establishing department’s quality procedures, work procedures standards and specifications
  • Recommending and implementing changes to quality processes, manuals, and procedures based on inspection techniques, or practical application
  • Making autonomous judgment during inspections activities to determine whether items, systems, components are acceptable for use, or not, based on design requirements.
  • Performing as a superintendent through QHSE control inspections and verification of procedure that are fabricated or installed by other parties for new or existing facilities and infrastructures.
  • Being a part of the Park Operation/QHS department


  • Male/female, age is not limited.
  • Bachelor's degree with relevant major
  • Have certifications such as Quality Auditor, Quality Engineer, Quality Improvement Associate, Six Sigma is an advantage.
  • 5-10 years of quality inspection, auditing and testing experience.
  • Experience in training others in term of standard practices and methods required for inspection techniques.
  • Self-directed, driven, and self-motivated to support the deployment of innovative new technology.
  • Knowledge of tools, concepts and methodologies of QA.
  • Solid experience in effective usage of data analysis tools and statistical analysis.
  • Have an exceptional eye for detail.
  • Have a strong, thorough knowledge of business’ established quality standards.
  • Excellent communication skills in providing feedback and pinpointing improvements where needed
  • Ability to work well and collaborate within a team environment
  • Ability to hire and train new team members
  • Capable of solving problem and/or proposing solutions.
  • Capable of checking and improving existing procedures
  • Strong organisational skills for preparing documents and collecting data
  • Customer service orientation
  • Good command of English

Policy & Welfare

  • Competitive salary according to your experience.
  • Use of DEEP C site vehicles during execution of the work (according availability)
  • Guaranteed bonus (1,5 month)
  • Basic PVI insurance in addition to standard insurance for all employees
  • In-house training to learn about the norms and values DEEP C stands for.
  • Teamwork: you are not alone. If you have problems, you can always turn to your colleagues.
  • DEEP C gives you the space to be who you are and the freedom to take initiative.
  • A lot of variation, you meet a lot of employees and collaborate with various partners in multiple locations.


  • Deep C Industrial zones - Hai phong site office
  • 5th floor Harbour View Office Tower, No. 12 Tran Phu, Ngo Quyen, Haiphong


  • Email:
  • Tel No:  0902 681 222