Deputy Contractor Manager

Job description

  • Executing & Managing and maintain the project of Deep C Management assigned;
  • Executing & managing PO service ticket works in daily;
  • Planning & Approval design, specification for Project renovation works;
  • Approved the schedule, Works method, design drawing for Additional and renovation works;
  • To Implementing Corrective task works & Preventive works in daily;
  • Coordinate & manage supporting works by daily
  • To Check the contractor’s quotation, Specification and Construction method for Renovation works
  • Estimation & BOQ for renovation works
  • Material source control and manage
  • Manage tools and Construction Equipment such as Excavator; truck; ponton., etc
  • To identify safety risks, propose the countermeasures and supervise the implementation.
  • Review incident analysis and approve corrective actions implementations;
  • Define training requirements for Contractor team members;


  • Graduated Construction University.
  • 7 Years’ experience in similar job.
  • Speak fluently English, use computer fluently
  • Communication and organization skill. Team work spirit.


You will work in an international company.

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