Security Supervisor

Job description

As a security supervisor at DEEP C MANAGEMENT, DEEP C’s overall service supplier, you act as site inspector and play an important role in ensuring proper security performance. Together with the team you set out clear requirements for security guards; and do daily inspections of activities on site.

Whenever anomalies or irregular actions are spotted, to coordinate action to solve. You report directly to the Facilities Manager. Additionally, you will be member of the DEEP C Fire Fighting stand by team.

  • Be part of the Park Operations Facilities team
  • Carry out site inspections and surveillance activities
  • Control if ‘Permit to work’ documents are in place when works take place
  • Work in several zones of DEEP C in HAI PHONG
  • Report to the Facilities Manager or team leader
  • Work in shift rotation for 6 days/week
  • Be part of the ‘Fire Fighting Support Team


  • Ideally, you have experience as inspector or surveillance activities
  • You stay calm in stressful situations
  • You can understand procedures; you can follow and are able to correct others
  • You are reliable and mature
  • You have the will to improve yourself and your environment
  • You are a team player
  • You can communicate in a mature and clear way (Vietnamese, English is not required but is a plus)
  • Strong eye for detail, any technical knowledge is a plus
  • Have a driving licence (at least class B2)


  • Deep C Industrial zones - Hai phong site office