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開催日: 2018年4月23日 (月)

時    間: 15:00-17:15(開場14:30、懇親会17:30-18:30)

会    場: シェラトンサイゴンホテル&タワーズ(定員50名、参加費無料)


・ ベトナム計画投資省 外国投資庁 シニアアドバイザー 矢代博昭様

・ ハイフォン市 プロモーションセンター ダイレクター Pham Hung Hung様

・ ダイワハウスベトナム ゼネラルダイレクター 松葉明様

・ Ernst & Young Vietnam パートナー インドシナ統括 小野瀬貴久様 

・ ベトナム日通ハノイ支店 営業推進課 営業統括営業課長 藤本俊之様

・ ディープシー工業団地 日本ゼネラルマネジャー 土屋博一

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Dear Sir/Madam,

DEEP C together with EuroCham are going to organize Haiphong Investment Seminar to share insights and update information in relation to investment opportunities and business potentials of the city with participation of experienced speakers in the field.

Time: 9:00 – 13:00 April 23rd, 2018

            Venue: Ballroom 3, Sheraton Hotel Saigon.

For detailed agenda please click on the flyer.

For registration, please visit

Thanks and regards,

Marketing team

DEEP C Industrial Zones

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In recent year Vietnam is rising strongly as a prefered destination for investment from many countries, with the Japanese and Korean taking the lead while other countries are also ramping up investment. Reported by BMI Research, more than 35.5% of Japan-backed infrastructure projects in SEA and nearly 3000 companies found their way to Vietnam. Meanwhile, 4000 Korean firms are now operating in Vietnam, more than in any other of the 10 ASEAN nations.

What are the motivations behind this investment trend?

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In 2017, the economy of Hai Phong city grew at twice the speed of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city and continued to receive USD billion worth of investment in infrastructure and industrial sectors.

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