Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 by Linh Trinh Thi Mai
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Rent-A-Port N.V. is the “Port related” investment and management arm of the Belgian Holding Ackermans & van Haaren, which was founded in 1885 and is one of the largest stock listed holding companies of Belgium, with its assets of 2,7 billion euro.


Rent-A-Port N.V. operates as an engineering and investment company that analyzes, designs, constructs, develops, and manages port, logistic, and marine infrastructures, as well as industrial zones worldwide. Some examples are: Port of Antwerp (Belgium), the second most busy port of Europe; Port of Kampen (The Netherlands); Port of Duqm (Oman); Port of Mesaieed (Qatar), etc.


Rent-A-Port’s CEO and DEEP C Industrial Zones' chairman Marc Stordiau

Regarding Vietnam, through the DEEP C consortium (including the Belgian Government’s investment), Rent-A-Port has already invested an amount in excess of 200 million US$ and has now also committed to invest, in the 10 coming years, another additional total of 250 million US$ in various ports and industrial zones in the Provinces of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.

Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines), a leading shipping company in Vietnam, specializes in seaports and marine services in Hai Phong. The two projects including Vinalines Dinh Vu general cargo port  and seaport, logistics services in Hai Phong International Gateway Seaport in Lach Huyen (via Haiphong Port Joint Stock Company) are Vinalines’ focus in this area in the coming time. Moreover, as planned, Vinalines’s IPO in December 2017 shall convert the company into a joint venture company as of April 2018. Expectedly, the State will hold 65% of the charter capital of Vinalines, meanwhile maximum 35% of the charter capital will be offered to local and international investors. Vinalines will also hold the majority shares of 11 ports, including Haiphong Port, Sai Gon port and Da Nang port which Vinalines takes 65% of charter capital.

Utilizing the potential, with the expertise and experience of both parties, and to promote transportation link between Vietnam – EU, Rent-A-Port N.V./DEEP C Industrial Zones and Vinalines sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the projects of a dry bulk terminal,  logistics in Lach Huyen and general cargo terminal in Dinh Vu, Hai Phong.

Accordingly, the Belgian firm and Vinalines shall jointly explore and study the possibility of the following cooperation:

(i)                 A joint venture for developing a dry bulk Terminal in the area of Haiphong International Gateway Port (Lach Huyen). Another joint venture to develop a logistics hub with the scale of approx. 250ha opposite to the aforesaid  terminal to optimize the loading and unloading, storing, processing and distributing of products to meet with demands. 

(ii)               Participation of Rent-A-Port N.V. in the 630m long General Cargo Terminal project in Dinh Vu. This project is now invested by Vinalines Dinh Vu, in which Vinalines is holding 51% of charter capital. 

(iii)             Rent-A-Port N.V.’s intention to acquire 10% of Vinalines charter capital upon its equitization. As such, Rent-A-Port N.V.’s could be attached to Vinalines and support Vinalines after equitization in terms of: new technology transfer, human resources training, financial improvement, administration, service rendering and market expansion. 


With broad range of port, logistics and industrial infrastructure, management experience and financial ability of both sides, the leaders of the two companies expected their cooperation will boost competitiveness and maintain their key role in Vietnam port and logistics sectors.