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In 2017, the economy of Hai Phong city grew at twice the speed of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city and continued to receive USD billion worth of investment in infrastructure and industrial sectors.

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The Three Ps — Place, People & Practicality

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Throughout our blogs we’ve made the point that business relationships in Vietnam will inevitably develop into personal relationships and that trust is essential. As you begin your commercial journey in the country, introductions by a trusted partner will be a huge asset.

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Vietnam is well on the road to becoming a modern, forward-looking, business-oriented country, but in terms of its customs and traditions it remains conservative — and that will affect your relationship with Vietnamese business partners.


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The country is one of the fastest-growing Asian economies with high GDP growth in recent years, and looks to foreign direct investment and the private sector.

It has wisely targeted high-end manufacturing and favours industries that will be sustainable and attractive to Vietnam’s highly skilled young workers—70% are under 35-years-old and 60% are of working age.

There is no minimum capital requirement for setting up a manufacturing company in the country, but...