Why is the country the natural choice for those in the automotive supply chain?

We do summarize some advantages ... 

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Hanoi — Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is drawing up a report summing up 30 years of foreign direct investment (FDI) since approval of the national Law on Foreign Investment, looking back at the impact of opening the country’s doors to multinational companies.

Interesting article published in the South China Morning Post on 13 July 2017. One in five American businesses in Shanghai indicated in a survey that they are redirecting investments planned for China to other destinations, such as Southeast Asia, amid higher costs, fiercer domestic competition and a shortage of skilled workers. 

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Prominent guests, representatives of important organizations and numerous German entrepreneurs were present to discuss business opportunities in Asia-Pacific at the Asien-Pazifik-Forum Bayern.

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Did you know that the USA is among Vietnam’s largest trading partners and investors? Bilateral trade increased from US$ 1 billion 17 years ago to more than $46 billion last year. The US ranks 9th among 119 countries and territories investing in Vietnam, with investments of around $12 billion, but the amount is modest compared to the potential.