Hai Phong - A vision for growth


Haiphong has sustained its title of nation’s fastest-growing region with exceptional 2-digit growth since 2015. Explore its recipes to become the preferred destination for both domestic and foreign investors.

Quang Ninh


Quang Ninh is on its way to becoming an economic powerhouse and promising land for industrial development. Tap into Quang Ninh’s great potential and get the most out of it.


Transportation infrastructure is one of the strongest competitive advantages of DEEP C Industrial Zones and North Vietnam in attracting investments. At the fastest growing region of Vietnam: Haiphong city and Quang Ninh province, a multimodal network of deep sea ports, international airports expressways, railway converges to connect you with the places and people you need.

Infrastructure map 1923 01 Noi Bai Int'l Airport Hanoi - Haiphong Expressway Cat Bi Int'l Airport Coastal Expressway Dinh Vu Port Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port Cai Lan Port Haiphong - Quang Ninh - China border Expressway Van Don Int'l Airport
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Noi Bai Int'l Airport

New terminal, new runways
# Passengers: —21 mil/year
# Cargos: 203,000 tons/year
Possibilityof expansion: —50 miL
passengers/year (2030)

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Hanoi - Haiphong Expressway

105 km - Max speed: 120 km/hour

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Cat Bi Int'l Airport

# Passengers: —3.2 miL/year
Planned expansion: -43 mil.
passengers/year & 250,000 tons cargos/year

Coastal Expressway

550 km
Connecting 6 coastal provinces
Quang Ninh -Thanh Hoa

Dinh Vu Port

Darft: -7m

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Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port

Draft: -14m
# Cargos: 419,351 TEtts (2019)
# Cargos: est. 120 mil. tons (2030)
Operational May 2018

Cai Lan Port

Draft: -10m
# Cargos: 74.3 miL tons (2018)

Haiphong - Quang Ninh - China border Expressway

25km from Haiphong to Ha Long with Bach Dang bridge
54km from Ha Long to Van Don completed
80km from Van Don to Mong Cai (border to China) to be completed
Operational May 2018
in 2021 12 hours trucking Haiphong—Shenzhen (China) by 2021

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Van Don Intl Airport

# Passengers: —3.2 miL/year
Planned expansion: —13 miL
& 250,000 tons cargos/year


Hanoi - Haiphong Expressway

Opened in December 2015
105 km, 2 x 4 lanes

Maximum speed: 120km/hour

Connected to Haiphong - Ha Long China Expressway 

Essential part of the Kunning - Lao Cai - Hanoi - Haiphong Economic Corridor.

Directly connected to DEEP C Industrial Zones

Haiphong - Ha Long - China border Expressway

Opened in September 2018

Total length: 159 km

79 km from
Haiphong to Van Don is

Shorten trucking time from
Haiphong to Shenzhen (China) to
estimated 12 hours.

Connecting DEEP C Haiphong and
DEEP C Quang Ninh in 15 minutes

Coastal Highway

Total length: 530 km

Quang Ninh - Haiphong part is

Haiphong -Thai Binh part is under

Master plan for highway
connecting 6 cities and provinces
along the coastal line of North
Eastern Vietnam from Quang Ninh
to Thanh Hoa.


Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port

Vessel capacity 100,000 DWT or 10,000 TEU

Draft: -14m CD

Cargo throughput: 650,000 TEUs (2020)

Cargo throughput: estimated 120 million tons per year by 2030

Designed full development: 16 container berths and 7 general berths

Operational: May 2018 with 2 first berths

Dinh Vu Port

Haiphong Port (Dinh Vu Port)

Vessel capacity: 20,000 DWT, up to 40,000 DWT

Draft: -9m CD

Cargo throughput 130 million tons (2019)

Cai Lan Port

Vessel capacity: 40,000 DWT

Draft: -10m CD

Cargo throughput: 99.3 million tons (2019)


Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport

135 km away from DEEP C Haiphong I
via Hanoi - Haiphong Expressway

#Passenger: 24 million/year

#Cargos: 566,000 tons/year

Possibility of expansion: 50 million passengers/year (2030)

Haiphong Cat Bi International Airport

6km away from DEEP C Haiphong I

Passenger throughput: 2.3 million/year

Planned expansion.13 million
passengers/year (2030) and 250,000
tons cargo/year

Quang Ninh Van Don International Airport

90km away from DEEP C Quang Ninh

Passenger throughput: 2.5 million/year

Cargo throughput estimated 10,000

Operational: December 2018