Over this period the world has changed drastically. We live in a world that is transforming faster than ever Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. At the same time, the global growth model is proving to be unsustainable as we are consuming our resources faster than we can grow them back. There is no doubt that running a profitable business has become increasingly more complex. The bygone triple profit targets are making space for People Planet's profit-driven models. Sustainability in general and ESG in particular have become new standards in non-financial reporting. Rising Global geopolitical and trade tensions in combination with the apparition of the first climate change effects are disrupting the international supply chain. For all these reasons and many more we need to be ready for change and head to a future that is bound to be sustainable. With the vision and willingness to make a difference, DEEP C has applied several tactics to create more and more sustainable initiatives and has become one of the first industrial zones in Vietnam to publish sustainability reports. That’s why we are now so excited and proud to share with you the journey toward sustainability through our Sustainability Reports.