[Webinar] Manufacturing Challenges: Solutions in the Age of COVID-19

04 August 2021 BY deepc



         AUGUST 6, 2021

         09:45 AM Vietnam

         10:45 AM Singapore

         8:15 AM India

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With Covid-19, Government’s Directive 16 in the South and now in Hanoi, health and safety – a key pillar of manufacturing – have taken on a whole new meaning for manufacturers.

Join EuroChamDezan Shira & AssociatesDEEP C Industrial Zones, and Schneider Electric on August 6 in our latest webinar to gain insights on:

  • - Overview of measures and practices to minimize risk and protect workers, maintain business operations and supply chains.

    - While short-term operational procedures focused on social distancing are vital in the meantime, what are long-term strategies that manufacturers will need to embrace to maintain resilience and boost production after the pandemic?

    - What are the current Government's policies and supporting packages for businesses in general and manufacturers in specific? Recommendations for cooperation between public and private sectors to better control the pandemic and restart the business after the crisis.



Mr. Bruno Jaspaert

General Director, DEEP C Industrial Zones

Mr. Mai Lam Dong

Cluster President, Schneider Electric Vietnam and Cambodia

Mr. Filippo Bortoletti

Senior Manager Hanoi Office, Dezan Shira & Associates