Closer Look at DEEP C’s Fire Combat Crew

01 September 2021 BY deepc


Successfully managed industrial zones never stop innovating operations and seeking continuous growth in all aspects of their businesses, among which we see firefighting and fire response plans as the most important. As DEEP C Industrial Zones is operating in a large area of approximately 3,500 hectares with more than 120 manufacturing companies, a well-trained firefighting team, and high-quality firefighting system are required to be in place at any time. 

The standard firefighting infrastructure in DEEP C includes a central facility with a 1,000 m3 water tank and 3 pumping rooms, as well as an extensive pipeline and hydrant system running through all of our internal roads. By the end of 2021, we will commission the third firetruck, significantly enhance our emergency response capability. However, our system cannot operate by itself – it is the people behind this system that we must rely on.

DEEP C Fire fighting team 1

Picture 1Our firefighting crew during a practice drill

Our team at site comprises of 3 fully equipped firefighting crews, ready to be deployed to premises of both DEEP C and DEEP C’s tenants. Selected members of the crew were formerly serving in Fire Prevention and Fighting & Rescue of the Police’s force for at least 3 years, having field experience of firefighting at different scales during their service and being granted with Certificate of Fire Prevention and Fighting & Rescue. Besides multiple prizes won in the firefighting competition in Haiphong, the team was awarded Certificate of Merit by the Director of the City Police Department in April 2021 for participating and having excellent achievements in the firefighting drill in a civilian area in lot 27 Le Hong Phong Street.

DEEP C Fire fighting team 2

Picture 2: Firefighting crew operating hose with in-house invented reeling equipment

To our surprise, the crew members took the initiative to invent a unique fire hose reeling equipment in cooperation with the mechanical team, which greatly reduce the labor force needed during both the fighting drill and the actual situation. This equipment cuts down the number of people needed to operate the hose from 2 to 1 while still allowing fast and convenient maneuvering. Currently, this equipment is not applied anywhere else, even in the Firefighting police force; and thanks to our people, we will be promoting the adoption of this unique invention on a larger scale to all firefighting forces in the city area