Fenixmark Electronics to move to a new factory in DEEP C Haiphong II

04 June 2021 BY deepc

In 2019, Fenixmark Electronics came to DEEP C looking for a solution for their important expansion project in Vietnam. They wanted to get the project off the ground immediately while still opting for building their own electric shaver plant for long-term operation.


At that time, we offered Fenixmark a fast move-in solution that fitted their project timeline. And within 2 months, they started official operation in one of our ready-built workshops. 2 years later, this October, they will be ready to move to a new factory in DEEP C Haiphong II industrial zone, located 1km away from the current workshop.


We are happy that Fenixmark is now running smoothly and can meet its initial target timeline. Yes, we are an industrial real estate developer, but we would also like to see ourselves and to be seen as a versatile solution provider that supports investors in realizing their projects in Vietnam.