DEEP C Industrial Zones is located adjacent to the new Haiphong International Gateway Port (Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port), Cat Bi International Airport, and North Vietnam Coastal Expressway. At the very centre of North's Vietnam infrastructure developments, we offer our tenants industrial land and ready-built warehouse, workshop for lease, integrated with reliable utilities provision and supporting services.

deepc for whom

For whom

  • Renewable energy components
  • Automotive and auto parts manufacturing
  • Chemical and Petro-chemical industry
  • Heavy and light industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Logistics & Services
  • Supporting industries
  • Etc.
deepc industrial land warehouse workshop for lease

We offer (Industrial property)

  • Prime Industrial Land for lease
  • Ready-built workshop and warehouse
  • Reliable utilities
  • Site services (security, park cleaning, ....)
  • Licensing supporting service
deepc your benefits

Your benefits

  • Advantageous location (closest to Dinh Vu Port, Deep sea port, international airport
  • Reliable utilities provision
  • Unconditional Tax Incentive Package
  • Easy access to Energy hub
  • Easy access to competitive, effective and skilled labour force

Overview of the zone

vietnam industrial zone land lease

Infrastructure connecting the deep c cluster

show more Haiphong International Port Haiphong International Port
show more Connection to the Port Connection to the Port
show more Hanoi – Haiphong Expressway Hanoi – Haiphong Expressway
show more Cat Bi International Airport Cat Bi International Airport
show more Dinh Vu Liquids Jetty Dinh Vu Liquids Jetty
show more Highway Haiphong - China Highway Haiphong - China

we offer Land Lease for Industrial Development

Prime industrial land 

Our Master Plan fits all types of business activities, from general industry, to petrochemical and light industries. We also offer to our clients land plots of flexible sizes depending on clients’ demand. Thus, whether you are building a large factory or a small workshop, whether you will be operating a manufacturing plant or a petrochemical terminal, we will be able to accommodate your needs:

Fully compensated land

  • Each plot of land is hydraulically filled with sand in accordance with the Master Plan
  • The land is levelled within a range of ±15cm to the level of the Master Plan
  • Marked with cornerstones in accordance with the land survey
  • Utilities connections are provided close to the border of the land plot.

Modern workshops and warehouses for rental or lease with:

  • Flexible sizes. Our workshops and warehouses are available in units of 1350sqm, 2700sqm, 4350sqm, and 5400sqm, with the option of leasing more than one unit;
  • Reinforced concrete floor, 2.5mT/sqm;
  • Steel structure;
  • Modern closed building;
  • Standard office;
  • Full range of utilities: power, water, lighting, waste water treatment facilities, ventilation,…


  • National grid + backup source
  • 626MVA
  • LG cables, ABB switch gear
  • Underground distribution


  • Treated and raw water
  • Demineralized water

Waste water treatment

  • Central and individual waste water
  • Plant is ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

Firefighting water

  • Underground loop
  • Hydrant system
  • Capacity: max 480m3/h
  • Pressure 4-7 bar
  • Redundant pumping system


  • Telecommunication
  • Internet access
  • Cooperation with various suppliers and partners

Solid waste

  • Partnership with certified company
  • Class A landfill within 250km
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