Fenixmark Electronics to move to a new factory in DEEP C Haiphong II

04 June 2021

In September 2021, Fenixmark Electronics will move out of a ready-built factory leased from DEEP C Real Estate Development - an entity under DEEP C umbrella and relocate in their factory in DEEP C Haiphong II Industrial Zone.

A 1350-M2 factory available for lease as from September 2021

04 June 2021

A unit of DEEP C ready-built factory will hit the market this September since one of our tenants (Fenixmark) will move to their new factory in DEEP C Haiphong II industrial zone.

The rise of coastal industrial zones

20 November 2020

This is a forum to update industrial real estate market trends in Asia and Vietnam organized by DEEP C Industrial Zones and Retail Services consulting CBRE Vietnam, with the companionship of Quang Ninh People’s Committee and Quang Ninh Economic Zones Authority.

Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) kicks off construction of electronic manufacturing plant in DEEP C

14 November 2020

On 14th November 2020, a commencement ceremony marked the official start of construction for Universal Scientific Industrial (USI)’s new production base located in DEEP C Industrial Zones in the northern port city of Haiphong, Vietnam.

Quang Yen Coastal Economic Zone – New push for northern development

05 October 2020

QUANG NINH — Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has signed a decision to establish the Quang Yen Coastal Economic Zone in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh. Earlier this May, Quang Yen was added to the national plan for coastal economic zones.

Vietnam’s largest chemical & dangerous goods warehouse in DEEP C

09 September 2020

Haiphong, 30 October 2020 -  Initially joining DEEP C Haiphong I (Dinh Vu Industrial Zone) as a container yard and related services supplier, MVG Dinh Vu has added a new business line to their product portfolio: chemical and dangerous goods (DG) warehouse.

Quang Ninh seeks to strengthen the ties with Korean investors

28 August 2020

The Korean Enterprises Investment Promotion Conference 2020 took place on 28th August in Ha Long city with the theme of ""Quang Ninh 2020 - Investment Destination".

Quang Ninh IZS and EZS attractive to domestic and foreign investors

25 August 2020

By virtue of improved inter-regional transport infrastructure and the establishment of Quang Yen coastal economic zone with lucrative investment incentives, foreign financiers are increasingly considering the north-eastern province of Quang Ninh as an ideal destination.

DEEP C Industrial Zones - Career Fair 2020

22 July 2020

Choose the job you love and create the future with us.